Whenever it comes to the transportation system in Kolkata, It is totally incomplete with The Mighty Kolkata Buses, and their Conductor’s Catchy Phrases!

One can’t get over those decades-old Red Mini Buses in Kolkata full of nostalgia. We Must Admit that Kolkata Buses never fail to entertain us!

Here we bring you The Top 10 Things that we get to hear whenever travelling in a Kolkata Local Bus.

Because the conductors always pay a little more attention & respect to the lady passengers.

– Extensive Research Done Since Birth

I Don’t Understand Why Some Passengers Have A Strange Obsession With The Gate Of My Bus! They Fail To See The Empty Seats Of The Bus..

– Random Conductor Dada

Only The Conductors Have The Superpower To Ask Any Women, “Dekhi Apnaar Taa”. We Can’t Copy Them In Our Movies.

– Marvel & DC

Amio To Manush Naki? Amake Ki ATM Bhebechen Naki?

– An Irritated Conductor

I Swear I’ll Torch The Bus (Very Trending) If I Reach The Office After 9.30AM!

– A Frustrated Office Goer

I Love Chicken Chaap, Mutton Chaap… But,

– Regular Passenger er Chap Khawa Manush

Sometimes I Feel That They Can Do Better Rap Than Me!

– Emi Way

Even If You Have A Stable Source Of Income & Are Financially Independent, But Still Sometimes…

– Every Feet Crushed Bus Victim

We Are Not Right Wing Aligned & Not Centre Wing Aligned, We Love The Left! #BusShilpoZindabaad

– Bus Union

No Matter In Which Bus You Are In, If You Get A Seat, Be Ready To Face This!

– Universal Truth Book

So That’s All For Today, Do Let Us Know Which Of The Above Crazy Phrases Have You Used Or Have Faced During Your Kolkata Bus Journey!

Don’t Forget To Add More In The Comments’ Section About You Most Hillarious Bus Experience & The Most Crazy Dialogue Which You’ve Ever Heard In A Kolkata Bus!