In a survey, it was found that 75% of people follow & engage with at least 1 food blogger online. Which is not surprising as more and more people are creating content these days.

There has been a sharp rise in the number of food bloggers worldwide. In India, the F&B industry is booming and food blogging has become a lucrative profession.

So here we bring you the top 10 food bloggers in Kolkata whom you should follow instantly on Instagram for drool-worthy photos!

Avijit Biswas

Avijit Biswas goes by the username @av.jit.bis_kolkata on Instagram. He is one of the oldest food bloggers in Kolkata. We bet that you won’t find a restaurant in Kolkata where Mr Avijit has not left a review!

Avijit is a verified Zomato reviewer as well. This is his Zomato profile. He has been reviewing on Zomato since ages!

Why you should follow him: Avijit is one of the most trusted food bloggers in Kolkata. You will find a wide array of restaurant & street food review on his profile.

Soham Sinha

Soham aka @kolkatadelites is one of the most renowned food bloggers in Kolkata. He is known for his extraordinary exploration of the city!

Soham currently has a fanbase of 54,600 people on Instagram. His exquisite feed will make you go bananas over the drool worthy images!

Why you should follow him: Soham loves to explore a wide range of cuisines available in our city of joy. He also explores street food as well.

Roibat Bhowani

Roibat goes by the username @kolkatafoodographer. He is passionate about food and when it comes to food photography, he takes it seriously.

His feed is full of flavourful food shots. You won’t be able to scroll away after seeing just one picture!

Why you should follow him: Roibat loves to explore various angles when it comes to food photography, We bet you will like it too.

Foodie Raja

@foodieraja is very much passionate about food photography. Especially when it comes to restaurants and pubs.

He believes in clicking crisp and sharp food photographs to make us drool. His feed is very flavoursome and finger-licking good.

Why you should follow him: Follow him for his amazing feed of succulent food pictures and get to know about the new restaurants & cafes!

Pallab Saha

Pallab Saha aka @foodie_pallab is a food blogger from Kolkata. He specialises in food photography shots at the restaurants and pubs.

Apart from crisp & sharp shots of food, his feed also has many IGTV videos where Pallab does video blogging as well!

Why you should follow him: If you wish to get updates about the latest restaurants and pubs, then you can follow him!

Prama Mukherjee

Prama Mukherjee goes by the username @the_spoon_of_flavours on Instagram. She primarily focuses on indoor food photography.

Apart from clicking drool-worthy photos, she also develops recipes and shares them on her profile.

Why you should follow her: If you wish to see a feed having homemade recipes as well as indoor shoot content, then this is for you!


Rimli aka @rimleed, is a food stylist and a food blogger. She believes in clicking razor-sharp indoor food photographs.

Apart from that, she is into recipe development as well. She is very active in posting the recipes on her YouTube channel.

Why you should follow her: Her feed is full of homemade recipes. She believes in top-notch quality for her feed. Follow her for these!

Supriyo Majumder

Supriyo Majumder, known as @baggygreensupriyo on Instagram is an explorer and a Zomato connoisseur, level 13.

Along with posting new restaurants, Supriyo believes in bringing out the most offbeat and heritage food joints of Kolkata in his feed!

Why you should follow him: You will get to know about the latest restaurants and food joints along with recommendations of famous old restaurants in Kolkata.

Ayan Saha

Ayan goes by the username @my_food_lane on Instagram. He believes in clicking a variety of food pictures.

Starting from indoor photography to outdoors his Instagram feed has it all. He has also started to make videos on YouTube as well.

Why you should follow him: You may follow him to stay updated about the latest happenings in various restaurants & bars in Kolkata.

Souvik & Srijita

Srijita & Souvik aka @wegothungry_, this couple from Kolkata love to explore food & beverages in and around Kolkata.

Their feed has a variety of cuisine. Be it for a Chinese cuisine restaurant or be it for an Indian cuisine restaurant.

Why you should follow them: You may follow them to stay updated about the new restaurants and food joints in our city.

These are some of the food bloggers on Instagram in Kolkata. We will be coming up with more budding food bloggers in our next blog! Thanks for reading!

Who is your favourite food blogger on Instagram in Kolkata? Let us know in the comments section!

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