We all know that a Bengali’s Life is incomplete without Three things, which are Adda, Khawa Dawa, Moja Kora!

Adda (Chilling), Khawa Dawa (Eating, A Lot!), Moja Kora (Troll People) are the Birthright of every Bengali!

Today we bring you Top 10 Funny Bengali Jokes which will surely make your stomach ache!

Only a True Bengali will Understand the emotions behind these Bengali Jokes!

10. Calcutta University Hoite Sabdhan!

If you are from Kolkata or if you have friends from Kolkata, you will always find a guy who still regrets his decision of getting into Calcutta University (CU)!

9. Coffee House Er Adda Is Important

We all know how nostalgic it is to sip coffee at The Famous Old Coffee House! A true Bengali can’t get over this nostalgic hangover of Manna Dey’s Coffee House Er Shei Adda Song! No Matter how bad their food is!

8. Because Durga Pujo Is Not Just A Festival!

Yes! Durga Pujo is something for which every Bengali waits for the whole year! Pujo Kobe Ashbe? is the most common question round the year. Durga Puja is not only about pandal hopping, but it’s also about the food, the crowd, the reunion with old friends!

7. Bengali Serials are Incomplete without Super Over Acting!

We all know how addictive these Bengali serials are for our Moms! Dare not try to take the TV remote while she is watching the serials! Here is our meme on the Evergreen Bengali Serial’s most common characteristics! Bengali Funny Jokes are incomplete without Bengali Serials!

6. Kolkata Summers are just Oshojjokor (intolerable)!

Kolkata Summers is not just a season but filled with various activities & emotions. Apart from getting drenched in sweat, Every Bengali enjoys various simple delicacies like Tok-Dal (Raw Mango Dal).

5. What if We Get to see Kolkata In a Parallel Universe?

Ever wondered if Every Yellow taxi accepts your ride and tenders exact fare? What if there is no more unnecessary fights in buses over a seat! Yes it all can happen in a Parallel Universe..

4. How are you all spending your quarantine?

Staying at home has never been this much boring! Lockdown is affecting all of us mentally as well as physically (making us more fat!). Here are a few of things which we all are doing!

3. Which Mask Are You Using Currently?

We all know that not only N95, but any mask will keep you safe from the deadly Chinese virus! But there has been myths about other masks! Here we bring you different types of masks, Swipe left to see!

2. No, We can’t get over Calcutta University’s Atrocities!

Yes, It is almost impossible for an average student to get above 60% in Calcutta University. You either have to be very studious or you have to be very lucky to get above 60% Marks in Sem Exams!

1. Kolkata’s heat is hotter & more intolerable than Delhi’s!

It is true that Kolkata’s Temperature doesn’t go above 45 Degrees, but it’s discomfort index goes way higher than that of the deserts of Rajasthan! Still Can’t believe? Please visit Kolkata during Summers..

That’s all for now! Do let us know in the comments section if we missed anything!

Thanks for reading our collection of Funny Bengali Jokes!