GPay has been creating a lot of buzz in India due to its massive Diwali Campaign, in which they’ll be awarding people who collect all the stamp with Rs. 251/- & a chance to win up to Rs. 1 Lakh!

The Rangoli Stamp is very very Rare! Here we bring you the ways & 100% working methods by which you can get all the Diwali stamps & our Most Wanted Rangoli Stamp!

How to Collect Stamps?

Basically GPay provides you with 3 ways by which you can earn these stamps.

i. By Paying Rs. 35/- or more (it can be mobile recharge or any bill)

ii. By Scanning a Lighted Object near you (It can be a Diya, Bulb, Torch or Anything!)

iii. By Gifting any of the stamps that you already have! (You earn 1 stamp for every stamp you gift)

how to get rangoli stamp in gpay
3 Ways To Earn Stamps!

You can use all of these methods to earn stamps, with a limit of 5 times per day!

Okay, But How To Earn The Rangoli Stamp?

After researching a lot & getting 100s of Better Luck next time! We found these are a few hacks with which you can earn a Rangoli Stamp!

i. The first one is all about what I found on Twitter, read the tweet & reply from GPay, you’ll understand what to do!

how to get rangoli stamp
The Tweet
how to get diwali stamps  in gpay
The Reply From GPay & The Outcome!

Don’t wait and try paying through GPay when you order your favourite Biryani from The Zom… app! Did you get the name of the app yet?

ii. This is the second step that I came to know from a friend of mine, incidentally, she has already been lucky enough to win the contest once!

Go through this,

get rangoli stamp
Go try your luck now!


So this is it, now its showtime! Let’s try all these hacks and hope for the best, may you all find your favourite Rangoli!

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