It is a known fact that Kolkata is The Heaven for Street Food. One just can’t Miss the tempting Kathi Rolls, Phuchka, Ghugni and what not?

Street food in Kolkata is much more than just-food. It is unique, it is super pocket-friendly, as well as the tastiest!

Today we bring you the 13 Best Street Food of Kolkata, which are MUST-HAVES!

1. Phuchka – The King Of Kolkata Street Food

One just can’t imagine Street food of Kolkata without Phuchka! Kolkata is the only place where every phuchkawala makes lip-smacking phuchkas!

There is not really any specific place to have the Best Phuchkas, but my personal favourite is located just outside Dumdum Rly. Station, Platform 1. They make probably the Best Phuchkas.

2. Kathi Rolls

We all know that the Kathi Rolls were first invented in Kolkata itself, no wonder that Street food of Kolkata has many surprises! My personal favourites are Rolls From Kusum’s (Park Street) & Aminia!

Kusum Rolls will always have my heart as it is one of the oldest and serves the most lip-smacking Kathi Roll Eatery in Kolkata. Kusum Rolls is also the personal favourite of many celebrities like Atul Khatri!

3. Ghoogni

Ghugni is one of the most common street food best enjoyed with some tangy tamarind sauce over it & some chips. Ghugni brings back those nostalgic memories when we all used to have this Must-have Kolkata Street food during every Mela!

4. Papri Chaat

Papri Chaat is indeed one of the most loved evening snacks in Kolkata, it’s super tasty, it’s super affordable & most importantly the mix of different flavours like Sweet, Sour & Spicy makes it a Must-Have Street Food Of Kolkata!

5. Kochuri – Alu Dum

Kochuri – Alu Dum (The Bengali Version of Poori with Alu Ki Subzee) is something which is mostly seen in the morning. A Bengali’s breakfast is incomplete without this deadly combo.

If you are in a hurry to reach office or college, you can always skip the homemade time-consuming breakfast and drop in for this quick to have combo!

6. Mughlai Paratha

Mughlai Paratha is popularly known as a Bengali Cuisine, which is also readily available in most of the fast-food eateries across Kolkata!

The Mughlai Paratha has a crispy crust and is filled with Keema of generally Mutton (or Chicken). It is a must-have whenever you are in Kolkata!

7. Telebhaja

Telebhaja (where Tel = Oil, Bhaja = Fried) stands for the deep-fried snacks. These unhealthy yet super tasty snacks are a hot seller across Kolkata!

They are available in different variants like Alu Chop (Potato Based) Beguni (Egg Plant Based), Chicken Chop etc!

Whenever in Kolkata, Don’t forget to drop in at The Kalika Mukhorochak Telebhaja, College Street!

8. Sharma Tea House

Sharma Tea has a very wide range of delicious snacks to offer! The Hottest Selling item here is Club Kachori + Torkari.

This deadly combo is loved by everyone, be it a person returning from morning walk or a college student.

One just can’t resist the temptation of Sharma Tea House, Bhowanipore!

9. Tiretta Bazaar

Experience The Best Of Kolkata Street Food at Tiretta Bazar that serves authentic Chinese breakfast where you can taste dim sums, Thai Pows, fish soups, and much more!

Tiretta Bazar in Kolkata is the hub of all the Authentic Chinese delicacies that all of us so adore.

Kolkata is the only city in India to have a “China Town”.

10. Arun Tea Stall

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The Arun Tea Stall is a local popular spot. It’s the go-to place for anyone who wants to go light on the budget.

You could easily sip on some garam chai and dig into delicious club kachori. The Must-Haves here are – Hing Kachori, Kesar tea, Khasta kachori.

11. Dacres Lane

Undoubtedly, Dacres Lane is The Swarg Lok Of Street Food Of Kolkata! Here, You can find every cuisine in a Single Lane!

Not To Miss: Khichdi, Deep Fried Snacks, Paratha with Egg Tadka, Sandwich!

So These Are The Must-Have & Must Visit Places to have Street Food Of Kolkata!

  • Phuchkas
  • Kathi Rolls
  • Ghugni
  • Papri Chaat
  • Kachori Alu Dum
  • Mughlai Paratha
  • Telebhaja
  • Sharma Tea House
  • Tiretta Bazaar
  • Arun Tea Stall
  • Dacres Lane

So that’s all for now! Thanks For Reading till the end. We will keep you updated about The Kolkata Street Food!

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