We all know that Christmas is one of the biggest festivals in Kolkata. Owing to the current pandemic, the celebrations were expected to remain a low-key affair for everyone.

However, all expectations were proved wrong as thousands descended on the 1.5km stretch, resulting in a gathering the city has not witnessed since the Covid outbreak.

In this blog, we bring you top 5 clicks of the Christmas celebrations from Park Street this year.

5. The Mighty taxi

@shutter_humor has managed to bring such amazing shots of the Christmas celebrations from Park Street!

Kolkata streets are incomplete without the sight of yellow taxis, this picture successfully captures the essence of festivities!

4. Jesus, save us!

@roamer_boy captured this auspicious sight from Allen Park, Park Street this year on his lens.

It is true that Christmas is incomplete without witnessing this moment.

3. They stay alert so that we can stay safe!

They spend their festivities performing the duty, sacrificing their precious family moments for us.

Sudipta perfectly captures this perspective which is not very often seen in our fast-paced social media universe.

2. Wave of visitors!

Compared to the last year’s Christmas eve, this year the footfall was low. But on the 25th of December, Park street witnessed a huge wave of revellers. This was very much unexpected!

A wave of visitors during Christmas 2020 at Park Street. Source: Sanat Kr Sinha

1. How can we miss The Allen Park?

To avoid large gatherings, the authorities earlier laid guidelines that the lighting would be scaled down and that there won’t be any street-side stalls this year.

However, Allen park observed a heavy footfall and the cultural programs also started 21st December onwards.

Allen Park, Christmas 2020. Source: Festive Blogs

That’s all we’ve got for you! Thank you for reading!

Did you visit Park Street this year? Do let us know in the comments!