Out city Kolkata, never ceases to surprise us. Kolkata offers so much in the name of culture, heritage, vintage aesthetic and so much more. Trams of Kolkata are one of the most vintage elements in Kolkata without which our city is incomplete.

Kolkata is the first British Capital of India. Trams in Kolkata has faced the most adventurous journey of India fighting its way through to independence and peace. Kolkata has evolved just like a vibrant butterfly on being one of the metropolitan cities. Extreme uberisation and introduction of modern metros have taken place. Yet Kolkata Tramways has found its way to still exist both in Kolkata and our hearts. The Kolkata Tramways has been on the run since 1873. Certain  Bengali movies have taken up a way to feature these grizzled carriages that evoke a hope of revival in the Kolkata Tramways. Kolkata owes the glory of this commute to Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of India of the time.

Let us look at the 5 Unknown Facts About The Trams Of Kolkata:

1. The Oldest in Asia

Trams in Kolkata started operating in Kolkata from the year 1873 and has been on the run ever since. Kolkata Trams are the only Tramways in India that are still operational. The trams of Kolkata are the oldest electrically operated Trams in Asia! Due to moderate maintenance and their old age, some of our Trams are running in a critical condition. Some aged Trams are now in a broken condition which will flood your eyes with nostalgia once you come across them.

Trams of Kolkata

2. They are a friend to the Environment

Trams of Kolkata run on electricity, hence there is no poisonous gas emission. It is a slow yet steady ride that will bring you closer to nature. Kolkata Tramways help the city to remain clean and green. If you want to make a change for the wellness of the environment, you might choose to travel in an environment-friendly commute, like the Kolkata Tramways. 

3. Don’t worry about Traffic!

Trams in Kolkata move in specific tramlines made just for them. Rest assured, you can travel like the king of the road without any traffic or cars blocking your route. Adapting to Kolkata Trams might also help in decreasing traffic congestion, hence it will, therefore, lead to a decrease in noise and air pollution in total.

Trams of Kolkata

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4. A high passenger capacity

Trams have a maximum of 60 seats of seating capacity. The interiors of the tram are will not make you feel congested like unlike a bus ride, and will give you overall comfortable experience. The tickets are comparatively very cheap. The minimum fare is Rs. 6. It is very scarce to find comfort at such low prices. Hence, Trams of Kolkata is not only healthy for you, but also for your pocket! 

5. The real ‘Horse-power’

Trams in Kolkata were mostly driven by horses during the British Raj in India. they were tied to the coaches in front. The horses were all imported from the English Electric Company. There is a  life-size sculpture of a horse-driven tram at City Centre Arcade.  

Trams of Kolkata

That’s all for now! Let us know if we missed any unknown fact! Thanks for reading.