Whenever you are in Kolkata if you search the term “Bengali Restaurants Near Me” The same list pops up, that is why we have included some of the lesser-known ones as well!

When it comes to Bengali Food, we just can’t say NO to it! We all know that Bangali Khabar is incomplete without the Mach-Bhhat & Mishti! We have curated this list which serves both of these necessities, that too deliciously!

Oh! Calcutta

Shot at Oh! Calcutta

This Fine Dining Restaurant of Kolkata promises to serve you the best of Bengali Cuisine & Seafood as well. Apart from serving a wide range of Non-Veg Delicacies, It has various kind of Vegetarian recipes also.

Not to forget that they also specialize in serving unique cocktails & mocktails along with other alcoholic beverages. Don’t forget to try their buffet & desserts with Bengali touch!

Must-Try: Daab Chingri, Luchi & Kosha Mangsho, Prawn Malai Curry, Nolen Gurer Icecream

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 1800/- for two

Location: Multiple Locations (Forum Mall, Kolkata; Science City Area, Kolkata)

The Bhoj Company

Shot at The Bhoj Company

The Bhoj Company is known for its true Bong Flavours which includes cuisines from Bengal as well as Bangladesh, having a presence in Dhaka also, This restaurant promises to deliver you the authentic Bengali Cuisine.

They Specialize in mouth-watering dishes which will just leave you craving for some more, even when your tummy is full, you’ll wish if you had a bit more space in your belly for a few more Ice-Cream Gulab Jamun Combo!

Must-Try: Kochupata Chingri, Chicken Curry, Bhuna Khichuri, Murgir Cutlet

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 600/- for two

Location: Multiple Locations (BBD Bagh, Dalhousie, Kolkata; New Market, Kolkata; Opening Soon in Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata)

6 Ballygunge Place

Shot at 6 Ballygunge Place

The name itself has the essence of our city of joy, 6 Ballygunge Place, boasts of serving some of The Best Bengali Cuisines, Bangladeshi Cuisines as well as seafood. They opened their first outlet in Ballygunge back in 2003.

Along with serving a great variety of Bengali cuisine, they deliver as authentic dish as it could get! So don’t miss this one if you are in a mood for dining in some of the Best Bengali Cuisine serving Restaurant in Kolkata!

Must-Try: Bhetki Paturi, Daab Chingri, Kosha Mangsho

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 800/- for two

Location: Multiple Locations (Ballygunge, Kolkata; New Town, Kolkata; Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata)

Koshe Kosha

Shot at Koshe Kosha

They are known for their Food & Ambience, both are equally good. They are a deadly combination which can attract any Bengali craving for some rich Bengali Cuisines from miles away!

A must-try restaurant, which is located in multiple locations spread across the city! Go have your favourite Bengali Cuisine now!

Must-Try: Gondhoraj Chicken, Basanti Pulao, Dhakai Mangsho

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 700/- for two

Location: Multiple Locations (Golpark, Kolkata; Chinar Park; Behala; Jadavpur; Santoshpur; Hatibagan, Kolkata)

Ebela Obela

Shot at Ebela Obela

Ebela Obela is a restaurant which is known to be pocket-friendly. The Best part about this outlet is that they serve homemade food. So don’t think twice & drop in at this amazing restaurant.

Situated in South Kolkata, this is a very budget-friendly restaurant, basically known as a delivery outlet it has seating options available too.

Must-Try: Basanti Polao, Chicken Kosha, Chicken Curry, Fish Raita

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 400/- for two

Location: Multiple Locations (Naktala, Kolkata; Jadavpur, Kolkata)

Don’t forget to let us know your favourite Bengali Food serving restaurant and what we missed!

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