It is true that Bengali Moms are a bit extra loving & pampering, a study by Bong Fathers found that this is the number one reason behind “Chele Ador E Bandor Hoye Jawa”.

Bengali Moms are The Real Master Chef, No matter how tasty a Famous Restaurant’s Biryani is, one can never forget the lip-smacking taste of Sunday special Mangsho Jhol & Gorom Bhat!

In this blog, We have compiled all the dialogues that we have heard & are hearing every day!

“There is no way to convince your mom if you reach home after 8.30pm.”

– A Bangali Chele, Wished to remain unnamed

Durga Pujo hok Ba Christmas, Sara Raat Ghurte Chaile : Get married! Nijer Bor er sathe ghurte jas.

– Random Bong Meye

Chele tar thanda lege gele shey School, Tuition, Swimming Class, Drawing Class e Kikore jabe?

– Bangali Maa

Mom Vs. Phone : A Way More Thrilling Experience Than Ind Vs. Pak Match!

– Harsha Bhogle

Because Choti, Jutor Bari, Khunti are all small weapons!

– Maa

Restaurant er shei basi khabar na bhagar er, ki na ki daye, oguloi khaas kano tui roz roz?

– Quote 109, Bengali Mom University Book

We won’t be having any more seasons of MasterChef India, We have already found the ultimate MasterChef!

– Master Chef President

Which are the dialogues which you hear from your Mumma? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments’ section & if we missed something, feel free to comment, please!

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