In Kolkata, As soon as the term breakfast comes up, Alu Dum & Kochuri instantly pops up in our mind! Yes, one just can’t resist the temptation of The Kochuri – Alu Dum Combo!

Ever Wondered Where Can you find The Best of Breakfasts in Kolkata? Which are the must-try items at the iconic places?

There are many types of breakfasts available in Kolkata! Starting from the streets of Bhowanipore to The Iconic Tiretty Bazaar. We have compiled this blog with the Best Breakfast serving eateries in Kolkata!


The Deadly Combo Of The Sharma Tea House

Situated in the heart of Bhawanipur, always surrounded by tea lovers, this eatery promises to serve you one of the best teas in Kolkata. Opens at early morning, you’ll find people who go for Jogging, taking in more calories than what they burn during jogging!

Club Kachori, Kesar Tea, Puri Sabzi, Lassi, Samosa & Ofcourse Chai are some of the must-haves from The Sharma Tea!


Scenes at The Balwant Singh’s Dhaba

The Balwant Singh Eating house, popularly known as the Balwant Singh Dhaba is known for its signature beverage like Dudh Cola (500ml Milk + Sugar + Coca Cola 300ml + Ice), also it is known for its uninterrupted service, Yes, They are open 24×7!

Serving since over a century, One Can’t-Miss Having Chai, Aloo Parantha, Kachori, Samosa, Jalebis and Their Signature, Dudh Cola.


Authentic Chinese Food, Daily Morning!

It is true that your trip to Kolkata is incomplete if you have not explored the city’s hidden gem, Tirrety Bazaar. Known for its authentic Chinese Breakfast, Is here in Kolkata Since The 1930s. With around 2,00,000 Chinese Immigrants back then, although the numbers have fallen rapidly.

But one thing remains constant, which is their love for food! To have these you should reach there by 6 AM because nothing is left after 8 AM!

Must-Haves are Chicken-Pork Sausages, Dumplings, Momos and Fish!

FLURYS, Multiple Locations

Flurys English Breakfast

This iconic and 80 years old shop is located in the iconic Park Street! Famous for its Breakfasts, The Favourite among the breakfasts here is the English Breakfast. It Consists of two rashers of crispy bacon, fried eggs, grilled chicken sausages, grilled tomato, mushroom & spinach.

Must-Haves are, English Breakfast, Watermelon Juice, Croissant

So that’s all for now, Don’t forget to comment down your favourite breakfast spot in Kolkata! We would love to cover that very soon!

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