Kolkata is not just The City of joy, but also a miniaturized food paradise right here among us. In that paradise, is the famous Dacres Lane, near Esplanade that is believed to serve the best street food in Kolkata.

Let us just put it out there, Kolkata has the best street food in the country.

Starting from the mouth-watering Phuchkas to the soulful sweet treats. From the drool-worthy Rolls to the lip-smacking Tele Bhajas, Kolkata has it all for you.

There is one such destination in Kolkata that serves the super tasty street food in Kolkata. And that is, our very own Dacres Lane. Dacres Lane has been well-renowned for decades and satisfying our food-monger hearts.

Let us take a look at what all you can do at Dacres Lane the foodies paradise.

How to reach?

Get down at the Esplanade Metro Station. After crossing down the street from the metro, walk towards Dacres lane from KC Das shop at the Esplanade junction. After walking for two minutes, you will find a beautiful array of shops and stalls filled with mouth-watering treats.

Kolkata’s Famous Street Food Destination (Khaugali), Dacres Lane (Image source: Internet)

How did it get the name Dacres lane?

Around two centuries back, Mr. Philip Miner Dacres used to meet his sailor friends over for meals here in Dacres Lane. To pay a tribute to Mr. Dacres, this place was named after him- Dacres Lane. With time, the name was changed to James Hickey Sarani. In spite of the big change in the name, everything else is still constant. The street is filled with employees from nearby offices, who come here for snacks and lunch. The vibe of this place is totally different from any other part of the city.

Image source: Internet

Lassi Parlours

As you walk down the street towards esplanade, you will find these shops ornamented with fruit garlands. Just before you start on your spree, slow it down a bit, and take a deep breath. The sweet-smelling breeze will take you right to the lassi stalls.

Here, you will find the most luscious blend of Lassis, along with the Mango Lassi made with freshly sourced seasonal Mangoes, which is totally out of this world.

This is a must-visit on our list.

Mango Lassi near Dacres Lane. (Image source: Internet)

Khichuri and Tele Bhaja Stall

Just as you enter the James Hickey Sarani you will find a friendly gentleman selling fresh hot khichuri with spicy Tele Bhajas as a side for just INR 30. The Tele Bhajas are just heavenly and tie for a perfect appetizer in the monsoon rains. These snacks are not only just amazingly delicious but also a friend to your pocket.

Khichuri from Chitto Babur Dokan. (Image source: Internet)

Apanjan Stall

Apanjan stall has its main branch at Sadananda Road, South Kolkata. The quality of the food is more or less the same, but here they have a wide array of options. In the main branch, the main focus is on Tele Bhajas. But in this Dacres Lane counter, they serve plenty of lunch items like  Pulao- Mixed veg combo / Fried Rice Chilly chicken combo

Chowmein with Chilli chicken. (Image source: Internet)

Chitto Babu’s Dokan

Finally, you will arrive at Chitto Da’s shop. If we consider Dacres Lane to be the food paradise of Kolkata, Chitto Da’s Suruchee Restaurant is the food Paradise of Dacres Lane. Around the 1940s, a young boy named Chittaranjan Roy reached Kolkata from Narayanganj, Dhaka. He set up this legend of a stall within 20 years and today we have this must-visit stall which serves the Best Kolkata Street Food. The must-try item is Mutton stew with toast that will leave you licking your fingers for sure

Chitto Babur Dokan. (Image source: Internet)

Mandatory Mango Juice

There is a juice stall famous for their magnanimous serving of mango juice, garnished with cherries and cashews in the lane next to James Hickey Sarani. This is a must-visit stall in order to end your food-spree on a sweet note.

Rush at a Mango Juice centre. (Image source: Internet)

That’s all we’ve got for you as of now! Overall, we can conclude that Dacres lane is a food paradise and there is something for everyone here. Healthy food options to Fried food options, you can get it all here!

Have you been to Dacres lane yet? Let us know in the comments.