It is true that when God made Bengalis, He made sure to put in lots of Laziness, Fun & Art!

A Bengali’s Life is incomplete without Pandal Hopping during Durga Puja, Eating Delicious Fishes, and The Daily Gossip at the local tea shop!

Today We bring you The Funniest Bengali Memes created by us for The Quintessential Bengali!

Bhai Phonta Means Over Eating!

For A Bengali, Bhai Phonta is always placed at a higher priority than Raksha Bandhan. We aren’t comparing the two festivals, but this is the TRUTH! On the day of Bhai Phonta, The Bhai undoubtedly gets overfed! This Bengali Meme is for them!

You Are Aware of this if you are a True Bengali!

This Bengali Meme suits for every Bengali whose childhood was often full of spending time searching for The “Jora Shalik” (Mynah Bird Couple) as it was considered to be super lucky, Whereas Spotting only one of them was Unlucky!

Researchers found this in a True Bengali’s Brain!

It is also said that a Bengali’s life is incomplete without Procrastination. According to a research, it was found that a Bengali spends at least 60% of their lives sleeping!

Anyone from Calcutta University?

If you are from Calcutta University then this meme is for you! Not From CU, Don’t Worry, Just Ask a Bengali “How is The Calcutta University?” You will get to know the hard truth.

Oh Dada!

No Matter how old are you, People call you Dada (Dada = Big Brother). Be it anywhere, If anyone has to tell you something they begin with “O Dada”. If you have been to Bengal, Then this Bengali Meme is for you.

Durga Puja’s hard Reality!

We eagerly wait for Durga Puja round the year. But it’s a hard reality that it passes away very quickly! Once it passes away, it lefts all of us in tears! Waiting and counting days to Durga Puja, this Bengali Meme for Puja describes it perfectly!

Bengali Mom’s Anger Level!

We all know that Bengali Moms are the best homemakers & cook the most delicious dishes! But it is also true that the amount of love & care that they give to their kids is equal to their amount of anger as well!

This Bengali Meme is purely for them,

Kolkata Mumbai Bhai-Bhai

Be it Kolkata Or Mumbai, one thing is common in both the metro cities, i.e. The Super Overcrowded Local Trains! Local Trains are the primary source of transportation for most of the office goers. PS: Mind your wallet!

Khali Gaari Khali Gaari!

It is true that we get trapped every time by the Bus Conductor’s shout of “Khali Gari Khali Gari” (Empty Bus). Somehow we hope the bus to be Empty! But alas, we get crowded bus in the name of “Khali Gari” Always!

Tea is the secret of our energy

Neither Boost nor Red Bull, What really energizes a Bengali is The Tea! Yes, and if it’s served in a Bhar (Clay Cup) it tastes just heavenly!

Every true Bengali can relate to this Bengali meme,

What we Search on Google?

A Bengali’s Google search is very different from others, it consists of a lot of Food & Travel related searches, as we all know that we Bengalis just love to travel & eat! It sums it up by this Bengali meme,

How to impress a Bong Girl?

It is truly said that the way to someone’s heart is by food. Apart from our all-time favourites Biryani, Ilish, Mutton Kosha – Basanti Pulao, Phuchka is something which no Bengali Girl can say no to it.

Big Ben Kolkata

The dream of making Kolkata Like London has finally come true for the people of Kolkata. Though it is much smaller than the original one!

The Project was initiated in 2014 at a cost of about 1.5 crores. Sujit Bose, Trinamool Congress MLA and Deputy Chairman of the municipality, is the man behind Kolkata’s “Big Ben”

So that’s all we have got in Bengali Memes for you till now! We will be back with more exciting blogs!

Let us know in the comments section if we missed anything! Thank You For Reading it out!

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