We all know that The Organic Reach of Facebook is almost Dead! Since the beginning of 2018, it gradually decreased the organic reach & is decreasing it every day!

But I’m stubborn and I can’t bear these falling organic reach, hence I keep experimenting with my content, time of posts etc.

After doing a Case Study Over A Long Period of time, Here are a few things which I observed which will Increase Engagement & Reach.

Post More Often, Post More Videos

When you upload posts more often, the chances of your content getting consumed by your audience increases ultimately leading to more visibility!

Posting More Video Content on Facebook, We all know that videos get viral & spread like a wildfire, so start posting more videos if you haven’t already

When We Post Consistently
When We Don’t Post Consistently

Look at the number of shares of both the posts, you’ll clearly get an idea of the Pros of posting consistently!

Now here’s an example of some Facebook video posts of our page performing pretty well,

This is one of the video posts that performed pretty well, you can find more video memes on our FB Page by Clicking here

Share Your Posts As Soon As You Upload Them, To Every FB Group In Which You Are A Member

We know that whenever someone posts in a group, a notification is sent, hence there is a high chance that your post will get better engagement, ultimately leading to more likes on your page!

We share our new posts to every group we are a member in!

Do try this and you will surely see a sharp rise in engagement & likes on your page! Join our official group by clicking here.

As Soon As You Upload A New Post, Don’t Forget To Tag Your Buddies On It! (Tag As Many As You Can!)

Because as soon as a post is uploaded, if it doesn’t get the right amount of engagement, it won’t be a hit, hence to ensure you get that proper reach, Tag your friends in every post you upload, Afterall, friends forever right?

On This Post, We’ve Tagged 10 Friends!

Re-Share Your Old Posts To Drive More Visitors On Your FB Page!

Many a time, it happens that some of our potential post which we expected to perform well, fails our expectations! But worry no more, start re-sharing those potential old posts on your page & start gaining more engagement!


So These Were Some Of The Hacks Which I Have Been Doing This Year! Do Try It & Let Us Know In The Comments’ Section Whether It Worked Or Not.

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