CU Memes

You won’t find a single CU aka Calcutta University student who is happy with their results! Calcutta University is known for its sadist nature of inflicting pain to the Future of thousands of students every year!

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I Wish I Was The Founder of The C.U. , I could have just relaxed & made easy money! Facebook bugs suck..

– Mark Zuckerberg

We have signed Calcutta University for our next movie, in which we have hidden the secret of getting above 60% marks under a Big W.

– Dhamaal Producer

Amar taate Challenge nibi na taala!

– CU (Deb Version)

This perfectly explains Lifecycle of a mislead youth, who does a great blunder right after passing class 12th!

– Mislead Youth, 1sy year, CU

Around 80% of the patients that we have in the ICU are from The CU!

– ICU Doctor

We have never believed in gender discrimination, that is why we keep everyone below 60%, be it a girl or a boy!

– CU Associate Professor

If you think you can pass in a single try, be prepared to face the reality! Not even Supplementary exams can save you…

– Every CU Exam

If you thought than Fair & Lovely was the best anti marks cream, I’m sorry my friend!

– CU Victim

Because here, You Never know how close you are to somehow pass the exam. 60% is every CU student’s wild dream.

– Asuthosh College Gatekeeper

CU r Victim Hoite Sabdhaan!

– A Placard Warning Outside CU Gate

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