Kolkata Metro Rail will complete 35 years on 24th October this year! Despite being the oldest metro, it has not yet been able to expand ever since its inception! Though there are talks on the opening of The Salt Lake Metro this 24th October, Let’s hope it really gets inaugurated this time!

In this Blog, We have combined every emotion & corner of us & our beloved metro rail of Kolkata! Ps. Don’t forget to share the laugh with your metro buddy!

#1 Fake Hope

Every Daily Commuter of Metro Rail has been through this situation at least once every day!

Kolkata Metro Memes

#2 I Wish I Was A Girl!

We don’t even want any Male to stand in from of our reserved seats, #MySeatMyRules

– Random Female Feminist
Kolkata Metro Trolls &Memes

#3 When Swag Is Greater Than Seat

I Used To Spend Hundreds For Roller Coaster Rides During Mela, But Thanks To The Metro Rail!

– An Intelligent Kolkatan
AC Metro Kolkata

#4 Oh God Please, Not Again!

I Wish I Had A Device To Disable These Biroktikor Speakers!

– A Daily Passenger

#5 What Hurts More Than A Breakup?

I Used To Cry After My Breakups, But Thanks To Non-Ac Metros, They Have Made Me Cry Everyday, Making Me Strong!

– Hurt Passenger

#6 Do You Face J-Jalano Public Everyday too?

He Willingly Stands Near The Doors Everyday, To Create A Problem For Us While Getting Down From This Coach!

– An Enraged Kaku

#7 Agle janam Mohe AC Metro Hi Deejo!

Irrespective Of Any Gender, I Don’t Give A F#ck To What People Think! I Hurt Everyone Equally, Every Day!

– Non-AC Loco Pilot

#8 I Will Take Another Century To Complete!

It Started Construction When I Was In Class 6th, Now My Kids Are Studying In Class 6th!

– Another Hopeless Behala Resident

#9 Reaching Office On Time Is A Myth!

Sometimes There’s A Fire, Sometimes There’s A Suicide Attempt! Dude Can’t You Two Find Any Other Place?

– Office Goer

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