“No work is small, I am doing this to fulfil my son’s dream of becoming a wedding photography professional,” said Abhijit Mukherjee, who commutes daily from Bongaon to Princep Ghat (85 Kilometres) to sell peanuts.

After losing his work in April due to the pandemic, he started selling peanuts as soon as the lockdown was lifted in August. “We used to live together in our father’s home with my siblings, but then I was tricked by my siblings which forced me to live in a rented house” says Abhijit.

He boards The Bongaon-Majerhat local train at 9:50 AM every day to reach
Princep Ghat. He sells peanuts from 11 AM to 6:30 PM. He says “To help me
out, some people are kind enough to buy my peanuts priced at Rs. 25/- per
packet for Rs. 100/- as well.”

“I am not illiterate, I did B.Com. I used to work at a shop in Barabazar but the pay was meagre, but I lost the job due to the pandemic. Then I started this work because no work is small” says Abhijit. He further adds “At least I earn by struggling and hustling, the more I hustle the more I can earn”.

His son studies at an undergraduate college in Bongaon. Abhijit wishes to fulfil his son’s dream, to be a successful wedding photographer. He says “I am investing the money which I can manage to save to fulfil my son’s dream”.

After lockdown, The initial days were very difficult for Abhijit, the sale of peanuts was low as there were very few visitors. As of now, the sale has
improved a bit as more people are coming out & visiting amusement parks as well.