Bengali Nicknames are very creatively given and are super sweet (most of the time). They are short & mostly meaningless terms to address each other.

It’s not compulsory that the Daaknam will be having any connection with the Bhalo Naam! It can be any random name or are based on the Kid’s Characteristics!

A Bengali can have multiple nicknames throughout his or her lifetime, it keeps changing every 4-5 years, just like the elections.

There are a few Generic names which are just meant for Boys: Baban, Chhoton, Chhotka, Tatai.

Generic names which are just meant for Girls: Tatai, Mammam, Mani Etc.

Here we bring you a list of Most Common yet Funny Bengali Nicknames. Don’t forget to comment down your Daaknam in the comments’ section.


This name is the most common Bengali nickname one can ever have! Generally Used for Boys’ Nickname!


Not only in Bengal, but this name has a nationwide demand!


Probably The Second most common name for Bengali Boys.


It is usually a Girly name, second most famous among Bengali girl’s nickname scenario.


You will find at least one Bubai in every 4th Bengali Home.


One of the most common Bengali Girl’s nicknames


Usually the younger one in the siblings


They are usually cute, also one of the most common Bengali Girl’s name.


Very common Bengali Boy name

No, we can’t end this blog here but we have to end because it is impossible to recall every nickname that We have ever heard! Don’t forget to comment your views on this article & drop down your NICKNAME aka DAAKNAM below!

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