We all wait eagerly for The Monsoon season. The Rain Lovers count days left for monsoon, like the way we count days remaining for Durga Pujo!

Monsoons in Kolkata 2019, arrived 10 days later than the expected time. The weather in Kolkata remains hot during the summer that spans from March to June.

Monsoon in Kolkata arrives by June 10 and ends in August. Now let’s have a look at these amazing pictures which perfectly describe the Monsoon in Kolkata!

Thunder Can’t Be More Perfectly Shot than this!

This image captures that very moment when it is about to rain! That Thunder followed by rainfall is something our eyes crave for!

Waterlogged Streets Are Mandatory

Waterlogged streets for hours and sometimes even a day after the rain! are mandatory in every city of India. Kolkata is no exception. but what makes it beautiful are pictures like the above one!

Storm is Coming!

The Howrah Bridge, one of the most iconic bridges. This picture totally captures the feel of Monsoon in the city of joy when it gets surrounded by dark clouds.

One Of My Favourite Clicks of The Kolkata Monsoon!

Water drops on your car window, who hasn’t clicked it? Yes, we all have been clicking it since we have got smartphones! But this click is one of our favourites as it captures both – The Kolkata Monsoon & The Eye Soothing Vidyasagar Setu.

The Suburban Of Kolkata!

This picture depicts Monsoon in the suburban of Kolkata. Local Trains are the lifeline of Kolkata, we just can’t imagine going to work without these! Local train plus the scenic view makes it one of the best clicks of suburban Kolkata!

Love Never Gets Old

Next time someone tells you that they love you, Just show them this picture and ask “Will you grow old with me like this? Then only stay!”. It is evident that true love never fades away! Salute to such love stories which are not just stories but a lot more than that!

Returning From Work In Monsoons Be Like

This picture doesn’t just cease to capture the dark clouds hovering over The Howrah Bridge, But it also captures the emotion of every office goer while returning from work during Monsoon in Kolkata.

The Monsoon in Kolkata & The Royal Bengal

This picture perfectly catches the Monsoon in Kolkata & The Royal Addition to the City of Joy! This also gives a feeling of the cool breeze which we all enjoy from the car’s window & Switch off the AC finally!

The Queen’s Place!

They be like, “Hey! Let’s get drenched in the rain!”, “No, Let’s dive in the water!“. Jokes apart, this photo is one of the most unique clicks which showcases how the love birds (literally) enjoy the monsoon in Kolkata.

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