We all know that Influencers are known for their strong opinions among their fanbase. Unlike celebrities, they like to maintain a loyal relationship with their audience & fans.

A survey found that more than 55% of people get to know about new products from Instagram, Thanks to the hardworking influencers!

Here is a list of the Top 12 influencers from Kolkata who are trying to make a difference.

1. Sonali Mitra, Kolkata

Sonali is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Kolkata. Being one of the most popular influencers in the city. She believes in quality content.

164k people follow her on Instagram. If the quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” had a face, then it would be this!

Why you should follow her: If you are looking for quality content, and if you have a good fashion sense, then you should follow this account!

2. Riyanka Sarkar, Kolkata & Pune

Riyanka is a Fashion & Lifestyle influencer & blogger from Kolkata, currently residing in Pune.

She is a content creator and creates content in Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel categories. She also has a YouTube channel with 175k+ subscribers.

Why you should follow her: You won’t find a dull moment on her profile. It is colourful and cheerful too. Follow her for her wide range of content.

3. Florocina, Kolkata

Her profile is as unique as her name, Florocina believes in keeping her content crisp and clear. Florocina’s quality content has made her one of the top 12 influencers from Kolkata.

She is a Fashion and lifestyle influencer from Kolkata, with a fanbase of 43k she keeps her profile updated with all kinds of trends & reels.

Why you should follow her: Florocina, believes in posting quality content that is crisp & sharp. You will find her pictures in Western & Indian outfits.

4. Oendrilla Dey, Kolkata

Oendrilla Dey from Kolkata is a working professional as well as an influencer. She manages both aspects pretty nicely.

Her Instagram profile is very colourful as well as clean. She is a Lifestyle and Beauty influencer from Kolkata.

Why you should follow her: Oendrilla’s Instagram feed promises to keep you updated with the latest fashion trends & styles. If you wish to keep a track of the latest fashion, you should follow her.

5. Adrija Ghosal, Kolkata

Adrija is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from the city of joy. If you are looking for some great content creation ideas then this is it.

Apart from maintaining an aesthetic feed, Adrija loves to travel to every nook & corner of the city so that you can get a whole new view of Kolkata.

Why you should follow her: Follow her if you are looking for a profile which can help you discover new products as well as explore the city.

6. Manjima Paul, Kolkata

Manjima is a fitness influencer who takes fitness very seriously. Starting from fitness motivation posts to fashion & lifestyle collaborations, her account has it all.

She currently has 100k+ followers on her Instagram profile.

Why you should follow her: Follow her if fashion & fitness blogging interests you. We are sure you won’t regret it!

7. Priyanka Saha, Kolkata

Priyanka started her influencer journey a year ago, and within such a small span she has over 32,000 followers on Instagram. She is very consistent with her posts.

You will find beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts in her profile. hard-work and consistency are the two key components that have lead to the success of her influencer journey.

Why you should follow her: One may follow her for her regular posts, where you can stay updated with the latest fashion trends & suggestions about various beauty products.

8. Aishwarya, Kolkata

Aishwarya goes by her username @_stayygorgeous. She is a Fashion and beauty influencer, she also has her own Youtube channel.

Her hard work and effort are evident in her profile. Primarily focussing on beauty products, it’s a must-follow account for every beauty enthusiast out there.

Why you should follow her: If you are keen to know about new beauty products and cosmetics then don’t wait anymore!

9. Chandrayee Bose, Kolkata

If you visit her profile you will find that she is bold and confident. Chandrayee has a very aesthetic profile.

What attracts us the most is the variety of dresses that she chooses. She currently has around 35k followers on her Instagram.

Why you should follow her: If you wish to see new trends in fashion and lifestyle, Then this is for you!

10. Sonali Das, Kolkata & Bengaluru

Sonali started her influencer journey around 2017, she now has a fanbase of 140k+. Hard work & constant effort have made her fanbase this strong!

Her posts are the perfect blend of ethnic as well as western dress styles and latest trends, then this account is for you!

Why you should follow her: If you follow her, then you will see a new post with something unique every day that has what made her as one of the top 12 influencers from Kolkata.

11. Shiny, Kolkata

Shiny goes by the username _prettylittleliar_17 on Instagram. She currently has a fanbase of 54,000 followers. She believes in producing high quality content with the latest fashion trends!

Being an Influencer from Kolkata, you will get to know more about the city and various visit-worthy places. Don’t forget to follow her if you wish to stay updated with the latest fashion trends.

Why you should follow her: One may follow her for her quality content and beautiful feed she has, where she collaborates with various beauty brands too!

12. Prerna Das

Prerna Das goes by the username @__miss__das__, she has around 51k followers and her account has pictures of both, ethnic wear & western wear.

She is a Fashion blogger, Prerna is very hardworking with her profile. Also, she organises Giveaways very often!

Why you should follow her: Follow her for her constant posts regarding the latest trend in the fashion industry!

That’s all for now, we brought you 12 influencers from Kolkata who we feel deserve to get more popularity because of the content they produce!

Which influencer do you already follow? Let us know in the comments section!

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