Why is Kolkata Metro Work So Slow?

A group of young tortoises belonging to a fringe group named “Kachhua Mandgati Seva Sangh” protested against the slow pace of metro work in the city.

The main concern raised by them was the slow pace of E-W metro that has become a threat to their world record of being the slowest creatures.

“How are we going to survive now?” Asked a frustrated tortoise who lives in Rajarhat Pukur.

“We proudly claimed our world record, which got us into good Zoos & Sanctuaries, this will lead to massive unemployment. I have never seen such a thing in my lifetime of 168 years” a senior tortoise raised concerns about the current developments.

Tortoises have warned that they will not move from the streets until a strict resolution is passed against the metro officials.

Banners with bold messages like “Trr Trr” seemed to suggest that their protests are not going to stop any time soon.